nike id has a wallpaper generator now, so sick

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Freeze Frame

it's snowing again, and sticking again.

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Thanksgiving Vacation

had thanksgiving at my parents' place, non-traditional style, then thanksgiving again traditional style down at alicia's parents'. did some hanging out with the burlington crew in between, and lula was along for the ride too.

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not my dog, but could be

saw this online, and thought to myself, "wow, better not take Lula shark fishing, because she would do that, or start flinging it around or something....needless to say, a shark would get its ass kicked..."

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fast friday out-take

makes me almost wish there wasn't snow on the ground, but then again, its almost snowboarding time!


Puma Mongolian BBQ

made this shoe with a log cabin inspiration.

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had to take the doggy to the vet, she had a little limp going and some skin irritation, but now they're both clearing up, so back to the 6.5 mile walk every other day regiment, and more moments like this -

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Art Show

intermediate/advanced sculpture did a collaboration project and show with the advanced painting class, and the results were awesome, props to nik and michelle for making it happen.

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went up to bellingham with my bro and my dad to do some shooting, had a good 'ol time

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Typical Ace at Rogue Hero

this was a while back, but it was a sick night, they had a lot of good new material. didn't get any shots of the band though.

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keyboards should be waterproof, i mean, c'mon, right?

dumped a glass of water in my desktop keyboard and it mostly quit working, still waiting for it to dry out to see if it can be resurrected. if not, or maybe even if it can, might get one of the new apple keyboards, all thin and aluminum. working on a lot of design stuff lately, some for the image shop, some just on my own as exercises. stuff is looking good.


long time, no update

lots going on lately. the dog's getting huge, she weighs like 65 pounds now. had the sweet haskins family reunion action go down, good times. two weeks later, we hit up tricia and dino's wedding in victoria. the golf got rear-ended (again) en route, still sorting out the insurance stuff for that, the estimate came through and it says it'll cost at least $4600 to fix, if they want to fix it vs. total it. the wedding was pretty good though, my stomach was being a pussy, so i didn't get too liquored up. this last week, sam, eric, joe, mark, and two of their friends all came through pullman. went out to dinner then got our drink on further at my office. half the town was without power from this freak thunder/windstorm. 8 people fit in our apartment ok, but the line for the can in the morning gets kind of long. here are some photos....booyeah.

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red bull has got a sick action sports photo contest disply tour thing going on. it's hard to explain, but it looks sick. check illume

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getting bigger

she's not really a pudgy puppy anymore, she's growing into some of her skin, and building up some muscle.

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the great destroyer

i got the new nine inch nails album the day it dropped, a while back. i had listened to it on the band's site before, and liked what i heard. i gave it a few listens through, mostly using it as background music for whatever i was doing at the time. i put it back on for driving to work the other day and discovered this track (the great destroyer) that i somehow missed in first listen or two. i'm really digging this track right now. it's a bit more singing and a lot less yelling than most the songs on the album, and the theme/lyrics are pretty interesting. definitely a nice de-stress after a hard day at work.


moving, again

alicia got into her grad program! we're moving back to pullman end of june to get things going. luckily we kept all our boxes and didn't completely unpack yet. lula's getting bigger, she's gained at least 5 pounds in the 2 weeks we've had her, and she's still totally adorable. went to seaside for alicia's birthday with the dag and had a good time with her fam. not a whole lot else going on.



lula's our new puppy. we're busy house training her and getting her used to being on a leash, crate training, etc. she's just about 7 weeks old now.

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