writers block

so my friend wanted a logo for a company he might be starting, and for the longest time, all i could think of were images of raw steak and the like, until last night, then inspiration came, and i made this little guy.

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take a ride on the back-in-the-day-cycle

i miss the d-street house. it was kind of a shit hole, but there were plenty of good times had there.

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plenty of bits and pieces of news in the last day or two. new amon tobin is out, and its ill. first single for el-p's i'll sleep when your dead dropped, it's called flyentology and its also ill. probably getting a pair of new gravis shoes, the bravas, of the new the spring/summer line. its up for viewing, but not on sale yet. so as soon as it goes live, i'm gonna have to cop a pair. i really want a pair of the black box stay high 149's, but those just aren't in the budget these days. neither is a $150 IRO FRAME! yeah, $150 for a frameset that normally sells for $329, in a superlight tubeset, with a 1" threaded fork option, and it can come in flat black. apparently the cut off to put down a deposit was today. damn. i'll be frequenting IRO and the FF/SS forum on bike forums more often. got out and played on the bike for a while, and my right knee already hurts. this doesn't bode well for snowboarding tomorrow. which reminds me, i need to figure out where/how to get an oregon sno-park pass for my car.


foreign enforcer

here's a concept logo i've come up with, not sure what to do with it yet, but its nice and clean. thinking of doing something like 4N (foreign) or N4CE (enforce[r]). who knows. could be sweet. or might not do anything with it at all. we'll see

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expedition borneo

discovery channel has to be one of the best things on tv. the expedition borneo 2-hour show was awesome. makes me wish i had been more into science in school. i guess i could be a wildlife photo-journalist or something. that could work.

spring is coming

gravis x stayhigh149
it's rainy, but the sun is out and shining once in a while. plus the gravis spring/summer line is up online. the new black box collection done with stay high 149 looks sick. they're trying a little hard to bring skate-style shoes to the country club in the royale collection though.


falling off the map

so i disappeared from the net and the blogosphere for a while. there was just work, and other stuff going on, and suddenly this stuff that i found so important to do didn't really mean anything. free time was better spent offline and outside, or just watching tv. new stuff going on, swooped a whole grip of good music, taking over my auto insurance, starting renters' insurance, paying on my own cell plan, only thing left is to take over car payments, and that's coming in june. aesop rock dropped a nike+ original run today to tide me over until his and el-p's full lengths release later this year. i don't know when aesops is dropping for sure, but el's is march 20th, so not too far off. there's a teaser on the def jux page, and it sounds ill. work is still somehow depressing. we hired one new person, so that'll hopefully offset that guy that trained for a week and stopped showing up/never called back. he won't be using mcmenamins as a reference on any applications anytime soon. there are still gaps in the schedule, that once in a while, i end up uncomfortably filling. fun stuff. friday 5-lates followed by a saturday opening just aren't legit. neither is the complete lack of law required 10 minute breaks. that's all i got for now. time to go wash some dishes and clean up the apartment a bit before work.



remember that guy, noah? he photographed himself everyday and time-lapsed the shots to show age and time. after utterly destroying a pair of shoes over the course of a few years, i've decided to document the changes in my brand new nike dunk premiums. over time, this will show the process of wear and tear. they'll become less and less a freshly manufactured item, and more of a part of me and my everyday life. i've decided i'll only photograph after a day of wear, and i won't bore you with actual everyday posts, maybe a 30-second video every month or something. we'll see if i can remember to do it every time and actually integrate it into my routine.

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