off to pullman tomorrow

hit the road sometime tomorrow morning, hope to be in by the evening. see you pullman-ites soon.


need something angry

i need something angry and loud to listen to. more angry than i can find, and louder than my ears can handle. not distorted angry and loud, i need clear, concise, through clenched teeth anger. edit: i don't know why i didn't think of them before, but what i couldn't do, the random setting took care of...rage against the machine - know your enemy - live, thank you itunes, you know me so well.

the mondrimat

wash your de stijl denim here to keep it crisp


for instructions

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it's like in cartoons...

when the water just starts fizzing and you pull your hand out and there's nothing left but bones

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let's see...

I'll take those four, please...

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loop tapes

heard joe had talked about these in one of his classes the other day, so i decided to throw some pics of them up on here

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sketches and ideas

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I need a beard like that

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random pictures of joe rule...party on joe, party on

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more snow today

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Need one of these...

maybe not in blue...flat black would work. apparently this thing has been modified so the front wheel is a 650c, rather than a 700c, for a pursuit style aero-lean.

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Also stolen from vapors

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found this on vapors

Uploaded by dansleposte

french girls are hot

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If you ever go to Japan....

buy me one of these:

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the situation is this...

it's not exactly the great white north, but its snowing, supposed to be all ice tomorrow, we'll see. i missed snow.

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ball breaker

bro takes the upper hand in a game of ro sham bo

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photo test

boozing it on wing night

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It works!

the FLOCK blog now works, or so it would seem

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trying to get blogger to work with flock, nothing yet