more bike porn

i'll eventually get to build up a bianchi pista concept, and when i do, it'll be like this, but cooler.

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excitement, in the form of a button

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the new el-p is killing it. tasmanian pain coaster is by far my favorite so far. it's like waiting for a subway on the platform with some weird kid you sort of know, hop on the train, get high, and it turns into a bad trip, an insane ride downtown on halucinogens. i'd love to make a video for this, at least in my head. it would probably look like some re-hashing at points, because el had that other video on a subway, but i'll figure some shit out, and ignore that context. oh, and the modest mouse that just dropped is sick too.


i hate it when...

i think up sweet ass ideas like making a track bike that looks like an 80's bmx bike, and then somebody manages to do it before me. and its the badasses at trackstar and dave's quality meat no less. i need to get on the ball and start customizing a pista concept (with the wads of cash i have laying around).

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here's a new myspace-esque social networking type site. the front end is way more customizable, no more "I CUSTOMIZED MY MYSPACE WITH COOLLAYOUTS.COM" smeared across your page. you can add different modules, add image headers for each, upload audio, video, and photo. it's a little glitchy here and there, but i've found if you bounce back and forth between safari, firefox, and flock, you can usually find one that'll get past the problem. don't try changing colors by using the swatches in flock for sure though, same with firefox, for some reason, that usually kills the app, and anything you hadn't published is lost. but yeah, check it out. pretty sweet thus far.

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the sickness

so i'm getting a cold now, definitely not enjoying it. trying to get as much vitamin c and as many fluids as possible and try to beat it fast.


sick ass nike bike

the UK's wilson brothers did this thing up for the nike "silver service" air force one installation at london's dover street market. that badging on the bike is actually laser etched leather glued and/or riveted to the frame. i dig the twisted spokes, i really would like that done if i get a wheelset handmade. i really need to get some risers. and now i'm contemplating having my frame powder-coated flat black, and having custom done gloss black die cut decals to put on it. need to think up a color scheme, not sure if i'll go all black, or spice it up with an accent color. a cmyk themed top-tube pad would be sweet though.

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ed banger

i've got ed rec volumes 1 & 2, and they're both killing it right now. my neck is going to hurt from all this head nodding.