Thanksgiving Vacation

had thanksgiving at my parents' place, non-traditional style, then thanksgiving again traditional style down at alicia's parents'. did some hanging out with the burlington crew in between, and lula was along for the ride too.

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not my dog, but could be

saw this online, and thought to myself, "wow, better not take Lula shark fishing, because she would do that, or start flinging it around or something....needless to say, a shark would get its ass kicked..."

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fast friday out-take

makes me almost wish there wasn't snow on the ground, but then again, its almost snowboarding time!


Puma Mongolian BBQ

made this shoe with a log cabin inspiration.

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had to take the doggy to the vet, she had a little limp going and some skin irritation, but now they're both clearing up, so back to the 6.5 mile walk every other day regiment, and more moments like this -

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Art Show

intermediate/advanced sculpture did a collaboration project and show with the advanced painting class, and the results were awesome, props to nik and michelle for making it happen.

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went up to bellingham with my bro and my dad to do some shooting, had a good 'ol time

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Typical Ace at Rogue Hero

this was a while back, but it was a sick night, they had a lot of good new material. didn't get any shots of the band though.

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